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Aerospace Avionics Integration consultancy services


Avionics Integration

With the knowledge built over a wide range of aircraft platforms, Inter-Tec Aero have a clear definition of your challenges and expectations of upgrading your aircraft avionics, offering a catalogue of modifications for integration, testing and functional approval of a range of communication and navigation systems.

One-stop, inventive and airworthiness compliant integrated avionics system upgrades

With the continuing advancement in technology and regulatory improvements to aircraft safety, Inter-Tec Aero support our customers in meeting the challenges of ensuring that their aircraft communication and navigation systems are fit for role purpose, and innovatively integrated into an already crowded aircraft cockpit and electrical system.

Our team of engineers, accomplished in applying regulatory compliance specifications and change methodologies for removing obsolescence, reducing cost and improving the reliable of these critical aircraft electrical systems, offer flexible and creative experience in:

  • Modification of cockpit instrument panels, to accommodate changes in flight instrumentation, multi-function display units (MFDU), system control switching and electronic flight bag mounting and charging facilities.
  • System safety and hazard assessments for the identification, assessment and mitigation of aircraft system functional hazards associated with electrical system functionality, system interaction malfunction and redundancy
  • The mechanical design, manufacture and installation of fixed and portable structural provisioning for avionics equipment, utilising feasible methods for modification of existing avionics equipment racks and support structure
  • External provisioning for antennae covering both non-pressurised and pressurised aircraft
  • Testing and qualification of component integration for electrical load variation against supply system limitations, full power ground testing and Electro-magnetic Compatibility (EMC) to ensure new equipment introduces no significant electro-mechanical or mutual interference.
  • Supplemental changes to aircraft wiring diagram and instructions for continued airworthiness for incorporation of system component, wiring and practical routing changes.
  • Equipment approval of airborne components for aircraft integration against acceptance means of compliance including applicable ETSO/TSO’s, RTCA DO-160 and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requirements

Typical examples of projects scoped and delivered to our customers include the design, manufacture and installation of the following solutions:

The benefits our solutions have brought to our customers include solutions which:


Access to a global supply chain for equipment procurement, avionics installation kits and testing, installation and through life airworthiness management support services


Seamless integration of space optimised, flexible and function structural provisions, which are easily adaptable across different aircraft platforms and utilise standard parts which are readily available, easily maintainable and reliable


Turnkey service offering, providing proposed equipment aircraft approval, full electrical installation and activation


Practical solutions, tailored for both retrofitting and ease of removal to support both current and future operational purposes.

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