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Aerospace Exteriors engineering consultancy services



Working with a global customer base, across various fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms, Inter-Tec Aero develop and deliver sustainable and dependable exterior solutions to support the ambitions of your fleet.

Delivering superior aircraft exterior livery solutions through experience

The customer need for the implementation of exterior paint systems can result due to several factors across the life cycle of the aircraft. These include environmental wear such as corrosion or erosion, a business demand to refresh the brand imagery, marquee events or during the changeover process between operators, in aligning a new aircraft with your existing fleet. Within our scope of our EASA Part 21J DOA approvals, Inter-Tec Aero offer the development, certification and approval service of new aircraft paint schemes, decals and protective treatment.

Our team, specialising the selection, qualification, design and implementation of aerospace paint systems and adhesives, offer astute and cost-effective experience in converting your idea. This experience includes:

  • Detail design and installation drawing provision of mandatory and registration markings, company images and paint schemes, as either stencils or decals, to suit all regulatory requirements
  • Supply chain management of material kits with our network of aerospace paint scheme manufacturers of your choice, to match existing aircraft paint systems
  • Analysis of environmental condition degradation and development of resolution plans
  • Certification testing and approval of alternative paint schemes, protective treatments, and products
  • Deep understanding of the compliance requirement of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACh) regulations
  • Provision of all installation kits with a Form 1 or CofC where applicable

Typical examples of projects scoped and delivered to our customers include the design and supply of the following solutions:

The benefits our solutions have brought to our customers include:


Customer focussed and flexibile solutions to suit any customer category, type of aircraft and standard of existing paint system


Access to a highly experienced team in the areas of protective treatment, aircraft grade materials and regulatory compliance approvals related to material reliability and flammability


Competitive pricing and gauranteed quick delivery performance aligned to the needs of your business strategy


Globally supported supplier management service in the delivery of approved material kits

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