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The driving commercial strategy for Aircraft operators is in the utilisation, of primarily leased aircraft, is maximisation of aircraft use and occupancy.

This falls into several role functions including passenger configuration, measured by passenger satisfaction of the service from cabin comfort, quality of brand and efficiency of service. Operators above all value the functionality of the solution in meeting the operational purpose of the role, ensuring a minimisation of the need for internal engineering team development in installation, removal and continuing airworthiness of the modification.

Through internal capture of operations and maintenance, our customers in this category look to us take ownership of their requirements and expect:


Aircraft Owners provide the aircraft in the provision of standard or modified aircraft platforms across SAR, VIP, HEMS requirements.

The service offering for our customers in this category follow a specific scope of requirement, where the lease of aircraft is the primary business model, with satisfaction and key interface with end customers, primarily operators, being critical. In this model the need for configuration control is essential in ensuring the rapid turnaround and re-use of aircraft is maintained throughout its service life, where maximum aircraft life cycle is of great consideration when considering role requirements and re-configurations.

Statement of requirement format typically comprises:

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Aircraft MRO’s provide specific repair, service or inspection of aircraft products to their end customers, specifically aircraft owners and operators.

The service offering for our customers in this category consists in the provision of technical capability in the development of maintenance and inspection processes, as well as in the design and certification of approval of repairs to damage profiles which extend beyond the limits of the product OEM structural repair manual (SRM). The primary business model of an MRO is in the provision of these services within the agreed deliverables of the maintenance contract, including speed of turn-around, transparency of costing and meeting the capabilities of the service contract in terms of internal process competence, tooling and material availability.

Ever changing fleet plans and operational requirements will result in MRO demand in a smart model of management of part and material availability. The nature of this business profile results in a lack of visibility of repair requirements, creating challenges in the financial planning of materials, parts and labour activities, where the expectation is quick and efficient recovery of the component to a serviceable condition. Inter-Tec support of MRO customers with a model of standardisation of materials and processes, ensuring quick turnaround of components and minimisation of materials holdings. This managed fully in-house, offers real advantage to the MRO’s.

MRO customer satisfaction with our services is driven by our ability to fully appreciate and respect the current level of capability of the MRO, as well as to demonstrate a share of risk ownership associated with success in meeting the financial targets prescribed in end customer service contracts.

Statement of requirement format typically comprises:
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