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Our Vision & Mission


Inter-Tec Aero’s mission is to deliver innovate certifiable design solutions to our customers, exploring and entering niche activities, where our skill sets, many of them developed on the back of our Part 21J activities, can be effectively applied. The motivation is to provide accurately scoped, lower cost solutions which meet customer expectation, develop our service offering capability and differentiate the business from many of the other Part 21J businesses throughout the world.


Position the company as the aviation industry’s most reliable, safety considered and technologically practical service provider of choice for aircraft modifications and repairs.

How do we achieve this:


Value For Use

With the continuing impact of Brexit on the Operator and MRO markets, reducing passenger traffic due to travel restrictions, new aircraft production and overall reduction in fleet size, we aim to achieve a through life reduction in cost with an improvement in component availability. Through proving cost-considered simple solutions, standardisation of available materials and by meeting operational usage requirements of our modifications, we manage the priorities and maximise the value generated for the customer, without generating cost.


Customer Satisfaction

Building the trust of our customers, and the establishment of strong relationships is essential in the development of our business. Our service is delivered to you on your terms, to meet your business vision. Our customers range from OEM and Tier suppliers to MRO’s and Operators, each with their own unique challenges and expectations. We aim to build long standing relationships, through strategic framework agreements, clearly defining and measuring our delivery and process management performance, against service needs, and providing a shared benefit model inclusive of the enhancement of capabilities and skills.


Exceptional Service and Superior Products

Our highly competent team strive for continuous improvement across our range of engineering services. We utilise our extensive capability in turning theory into practice and providing a first-class customer experience and end product quality of service, every time. With a natural sense of urgency, we take pride in the delivery of all our solutions, ensuring they are fit for purpose, easily installed and maintainable. Our modifications are adaptable to accommodate standard and niche requirements which work for our customers.


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