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Aircraft Structural Repair Solutions


Structural Repair Solutions

We offer practical knowledge and experience of providing over 800 vaule-driven nacelle repair solutions to our global MRO customer base.

Innovative, repeatable repair solutions designed to your specifications...

Inter-Tec’s mission is to support you to achieve your key priorities in the operation, maintenance, and management of your nacelle system to realise the maximum life of your products.

Changes in fleet plans and operational requirements will certainly result in demands in the management of parts availability and usage, ranging from the lack of visibility of repair requirements to the rising financial implications of materials, parts and labour activities. The challenge is recovery of the component to a serviceable condition. The need for spare part availability and standardisation of repair process ensures quick turnaround of components and minimises inventory holding of spare parts. This is managed fully in-house, offering real advantage to the MRO’s.

Inter-Tec offers this niche DOA service, at a competitive price, allowing the design and implementation of repairs which sit outside the scope of the OEM SRM to be readily accomplished. These packages are designed to address your challenges for reduction to OEM aftermarket support costs and timescales. Labour and material cost management is delivered through standardisation of repair processes and materials, including the approval to fabricate alternative parts, and in the utilisation of less materials in the cleaning, preparation, and embodiment of repair details. This ensures that the customer demand, requiring that units are always readily available, is met, and the risk of component scrappage is reduced.

Inter-Tec’s EASA and UKCAA DOA approved repairs introduce a deeper level of analysis of wear conditions and component criticality, addressing the root cause of damage and allowing for a repair solution which not only restores the part, but ensures maximum reliability and maintainability. Key considerations in repair design including the logistics of replacement parts and material procurement, internal manufacturing capabilities, labour intensity and the accuracy and repeatability of processes aligned to the SRM are defined to your specification, reducing material usage, implementation times and labour time to accomplish.

Repair scopes based on detailed damage profiling, tailored to your organisation’s capability…

Generic Repairs Service Offering

Inter-Tec Aero offers a generic repair service as a one-time cost option, covering repeatability which cannot be introduced under a serialised repair approval under DOA or DER.

This innovative leap in certification approach allows Inter-Tec Aero to produce repair documentation that is pre-approved for customer use, each time a damage profile which meets the criteria for approval is identified.

The principle of the generic repair allows for the definition and control of repair embodiment, through damage limit profiling, similar where possible to OEM SRM damage definition principles. This method guarantees that the effectivity and scope of the generic repair can be fully defined and understood by the maintenance authority, without the constraints of further engagement with Inter-Tec Aero, removing the need for ongoing external liaison and associated costs.

Part21J approved generic repairs allow for reactive cost profiling and technical decision making, including the key components of damage critical assessment, to be retained within the MRO.

The primary objective of the generic repair is to ensure that an acceptable damage profile is defined, certified, and approved. Inter-Tec Aero will review the range of specific damage profiles, agree, and approve the variables in damage profile. Inter-Tec Aero will lead the design of a suitable repair solution to meet operational, structural and process certification requirements.

Key Benefits


A one-time cost repair solution.


Visibility of damage cost implication and repairability without the need for external interface and commercial management.


Unlimited use within a clearly defined damage profile.

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